The Riddle of the Cerulean Bands

The Story so Far

The story began with our stalwart heroes awaking imprisoned in a dank cave. With their only recollections of how they got here being ambushed by shadowy figures and then falling though blackness. They soon discovered that each now possessed a blue-green and evidently magical tattoo on their right arms. After affecting an escape and recovering their weapons the group proceeded to soundly thrash their Kobold captors and their White Dragon master.

At this point Kyle left the group citing “esthetic” differences. Shortly after their arrival in the town of Loudwater they successfully fought off a goblin attack and at the behest of the towns leadership followed the tribe to its lair in a dwarven tomb. Though they inflicted savage losses on the goblins the party was unable to defeat the tribe’s powerful shaman and beat a hasty retreat.

As they returned to Loudwater they were caught in a powerful and unseasonably early blizzard. Investigating again on behalf of the town they discovered that Ice Warriors had established a beachhead at the warlock’s tower. Ending the threat, which culminated in a fearsome battle at the towers summit in which Jeleneth was knocked off the roof by a fey-bound elemental (she did manage to survive the fall), they investigated an ancient Eladrin tomb they discovered while returning to Loudwater.

Within the tomb they found the corpse of an apparent assassin which had a hit list with their names on it. After a pitched battle with a pair of specters in a trap lined corridor they slew the deathlock which had taken residence in the crypt. Upon returning to town the party enlisted the aid of the local sage to determine the origin and purpose of their tattoos. After recovering some lost documents for him from an Orc hold they returned to town. After a night of revelry their hangover was rudely interrupted by a huge earthmote floating overhead.

After consulting with the sage who hurriedly explained the progress of his research and gave them a list of exotic components to obtain to perform a divination ritual, they proceeded to investigate the earthmote. Within they did battle with the deadly denizens of the mote, including bullywugs and their crocodile pets. Eventually they defeated the brain in a jar and it’s zombie servants that controlled the earthmote, which resulted in it’s catastrophic destruction over the dust plains northwest of netheril.

After the party’s narrow escape they found themselves stranded in the desert, marching southwest they encountered and elf maiden chained to the top a small ruin. As they struggled to free her they were ambushed by a particularly cunning and vicious gray dragon named Lithvorax. Although successful in fighting off the dragon they were unable to save the elf. Continuing southwest they encountered a search party from everska searching for an Eladrin noble the elf having been one of her bodyguards, they joined the search.

Despite being attacked again by Lithvorax they were able to track down and rescue Princess Nyiira, from becoming a sacrifice to Yeeonugh. After dealing with the gnoll menace they were hailed as heroes by the court and provided with a substantial reward as well as a lead to the next piece of the puzzle, a ruined fortress where they could obtain elemental fire. Lithvorax has continued to dog them, attacking when they least expect it, although they have become skilled in fending off his attacks.



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